According to a new benchmarking study of more than 350 planners conducted in partnership with FPA, leading planners are using deeper client knowledge to blaze new trails in creating value for their clients. The study shows they are doing that in three key ways: by provoking clients; focusing on niches; and engaging families. During the program, study insights, case examples and methods of leading planners who are pursuing each strategy will be shared.

Level of Complexity: Intermediate - Builds upon knowledge in an overview level/assume working knowledge of topic. For CFP with previous exposure / 3 years experience

Course Objectives
  • Apply tools for more holistic, productive engagement with partners and adult children of primary clients
  • Identify the most relevant paths to improving planners' advice value proposition
  • State the three hallmarks of the behavioralist planner profile, and assess planners' abilities to adopt these methods
  • Build communities around best-fit niches for planners' practices
Course Information
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November 14, 2018 2:00 PM Eastern
1 hour
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Know Your Clients' Edge: Lessons from Value Prop Trailblazers
Speaker Information
Jean Lynn Dunn, CFP  [ view bio ]
Robert Hamshar  [ view bio ]
Patrick Spenner  [ view bio ]
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