Learn how behavioral economics can predict client behavior in volatile markets. Professor Shachar Kariv has spent 15 years focusing on the science of understanding individuals through their decisions, not their words. In the first of part this webinar series on behavioral economics, Kariv will share insights from his research and the tools that are available to help you precisely understand client preferences. He’ll show you how you can tease apart client risk tolerance and loss aversion, so that you can predict in advance which of your clients are most likely to make rash decisions when markets turn down.

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Course Date:
August 02, 2018
Course Objectives
  • Understand the key components of client risk preferences, according to behavioral economics.
  • Learn how clients with high risk tolerance can be the first ones to make rash decisions when markets turn down. Hint: Loss aversion.
  • Integrate scientifically proven behavioral economics practices into your client understanding efforts to better predict client behavior.
Inside Client Behavior: Use Behavioral Economics to Find Loss Aversion Before It Finds You
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Dr. Shachar Kariv  [ view bio ]
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