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Collapse Journal in the Round : Next Generation of Planners Shifting the Paradigm

September's Journal in the Round : Next Generation of Planners Shifting the Paradigm is a podcast hosted by Hannah Moore on her  weekly program, "You're a Financial Planner, Now What?" In this honest and engaging conversation, Hannah will sit around the table  with Journal contributors Yusuf Abugideiri and Russell Kroeger who co-wrote the cover story on their 3-step model for serving millennial clients.  They will be joined by fellow writers Lisa Kirchenbauer and Andrew Mehari, who shared their story in the September issue about building unique career paths for young planners, discussing the need for innovation in this space, and the new models being created by and for younger planners.  You can listen to this episode here and on FinancialPlannerPodcast.comiTunes, and Stitcher, starting September 26th.

Formats Available: Streaming, Online Materials
Original Course Date: September 26, 2017
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Collapse Sustainability: The Future of the Profession


Sustainability is a concept that is shaping the future of financial planning. As growing businesses must meet the demands of more clients and tougher regulations, building a sustainable team presents a solution to these challenges. Learn how to build a team that will support growth goals, empower the next generation, and facilitate long-term succession planning.


Level of Complexity: Overview - General review of subject from a broad perspective/dive into basic knowledge on a skill or topic. For newer CFP or unfamiliar with subject

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Original Course Date: July 11, 2018
On-Demand Release Date: Available Now
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